Wednesday January 22, 2020

Bridges for Music: the launch

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Back in Europe after 5 intense months in South Africa it has been time to digest everything,  remember the great moments we have lived and plan the next steps.

Establishing Bridges for Music and launching its projects in Cape Town and Johannesburg has been nothing but a mind blowing experience in which we have got to know amazingly creative and inspiring people and places. We’ve definitely got reminded how much we love South Africa and can’t imagine a better place, nor a better way, to start on this journey. Neither could we imagine better ambassadors to have onboard.

Thanks to our friends and greatest ambassadors Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano – together with their professional and open minded crews – have undoubtedly been crucial to the project. Most importantly by understanding what BFM is all about, sharing its ethos, willing to move the scene forward and supporting this mission from the beginning. And important to say this would obviously not be possible if it wasn’t for the local artists/promoters that have joined us and embraced this project from the beginning. We have found so much love in South Africa.

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We really want to thank them all for committing their time and names to Bridges for Music. Moreover, we want to say that we are absolutely humbled by the local support we have received throughout the past months. Involved artists, music lovers and new friends, thank you for believing in this, making us feel at home and making the township events so amazing! You all contribute to a positive social impact on the South African and international scene. We can’t wait to explore new ideas together with you and elevate the greatest values of music.

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Now its time to keep Bridges for Music moving and work on leaving a legacy, which will consist in supporting existing music schools in disadvantaged communities and supporting local talent to play overseas. In parallel we are working on new fundraising and awareness campaigns in Europe, trying to get as many people as possible onboard to keep building bridges for music.

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A longer video feat. Richie Hawtin, Skrillex, Luciano, Black Coffee and other local artists is under production, so please stay tuned for more.

From me personally – and at risk of forgetting someone (please forgive me if I do) – Id like to express a special gratitude to Black Coffee, Niskerone, Vinny da Vincy, Dj Fresh, Euphonik,Thibo Thazz,  Culoe de Song, LSG , Sir Vincent, Floyd Lavine , Diggin4dodge, Diloxclusiv and Dj Fosta.

From the CTEMF team led by Duncan Ringrose, Jake Lipman and Dave Ireton. Big thanks also to the gentlemen Vik Vaid and Guy Herman at Truth nightclub, Glenn Van Loggerenberg from Don´t Look Down and his wife Heidi, Ivan Turanjanin from Red Bull and Trenton Birch at SAE, Marcia, Ma´or and everyone helping us with the production of the events.  Not to forget Raymond Bloom, Tom Kennedy (Fiction), Thiago ,Ryan Murgatroyd (Crazy White boy), Shaun Duvet,and Dino Moran. Also a big thanks to Bob from Kliptown youth centre in Soweto, and Siviwe Mbinda from Langa who showed us their beloved communities and made us understand better the SA culture,  and a warm applause to the super hosts at It’s a house, that turned into our longtime wanted office :)

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I also want to thank Eldon van Aswegen for his commitment and enthusiasm with the project from the very beginning. Thanks also to Rowan and his team for supporting us in key moments.

Although Ive been the most visible face of the project, I want also to name here our board members: Patrick Walker, Bobby Simms, Ben Turner, Lars Erik Mangset, Juan Arnau and Mark Grotefeld who have been very supportive to get where we have  got.

And of course thanks to the rest of the Bridges for Music team sitting in Europe : Vicente Mora, Isra Garcia, Marc Piñero, Aitor COntreras…thanks for your patience and commitment!

Lastly but not the least, I owe my gratitude to my friend and assistant Sonia and my patient girlfriend Jeanett, who both helped us a lot while developing and creating the events with that special loving female touch. Thanks my love for inspiring me!

Peace and love, Valentino

Pd. Oh I forgot our important partners ! Thanks to RA (thanks Nick!!!) Native (Thanks Terry! ) Beatport (Thanks Clark! ), Pioneer (thanks Mark) and Red Bull (Thanks Ivan and Richard)and thanks to Dream Extreme (Gio).

More info:

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