Monday July 13, 2020

Chatting with Luciano

Luciano3 EN BAJA1 Chatting with Luciano

Lucien Nicolet , better known as Luciano , is one of the top artists right now , but behind the artist is an even bigger person , dazzling , very spiritual and someone who can enjoy the present moment and remain loyal to his roots . It’s been some time since his sets at DC10 where he burst in with strength and his trademark moustache . Despite the success and latest events , he continues to be the same man , smiling , transmitting the same energy in both his sets and his everyday life. 

This was my interview with him for Amnesia Magazine:

People know Luciano’s night side but what’s a normal day in the life of Luciano like?

I eat breakfast and go to the office. I usually go back home for lunch, and back to the office in the afternoon. I like to find the time to cook at home and spend time with my family at night. When I’m in Switzerland in the winter I try to enjoy the mountains and practice snowboarding.

Your family has always played an important role in your career, from your parents to your sister.

Yes, it’s one of the reasons I started all of this. It’s a chance to do something as a family and start a business together; that was the idea from the get-go. And now I’m trying to keep it that way.

I understand there are many people around you, wanting your attention, your energy. It must be difficult to pay attention to everyone.

The more things you do, the more things advance, the more attention they deserve. As I’m involved, more than ever, in other things other than DJing, time flies faster and the days become shorter.

You showed me ‘The four Toltec Agreements’ a few years ago, a book you use for good advice on life and which, I think, defines your outlook on life quite well. Tell us something about it.

There are many superficial things that often come to our mind in our day to day life. They are part of the mind and the surface rather than the heart and soul. These books sometimes help you keep your balance and hold your head high, with your ideas clear. They are four basic principles that make your everyday life simpler.

Can these values be lost at times during the night?

I don’t think the values are lost in the night, but we sometimes forget the spiritual value of bringing people together, of music and living something together. These books remind you the basic things that are important, that help you strengthen your spiritual side rather than any silly thing you can watch on TV.

I’ve always been fascinated by your charisma and your ability to be with everyone. Do you think this is also the result of focusing on the moment?

Yes. If not, you spend your time projecting yourself into the future or thinking back to the past. We have a great tendency to forget about the moment. It’s also related to communication, words, which are key things in our day-to-day life and in the way we relate to others. This is directly related to every person’s development and humility.

Don’t you think that letting things flow and focusing on the moment can also be a dangerous thing?

The moment you start to regret things in the past is what’s dangerous.Sometimes it’s an ideal to think this way, but it’s related to knowing how to find that balance and, at certain times, knowing how to project oneself.

When and how does your passion for music appear?

Well, it was slightly out of chance. My parents liked music but there were no musicians at home. My mum gave me my first guitar and I think that’s what opened me up to music. I thought of myself as many things but never a musician. I started with the basics, from bands in school, until I found a professional industry, and suddenly you’re living off it.

It seems that when it becomes a job you can forget the initial passion you start with. Is it easy to forget these initial values?

It’s a dream to make a job of what you like. Whenyou start doing something that you really like, you get into it so much that your passion becomes your job and then it becomes a routine and then your passion tends to go somewhere else, it kind of hides. It’s very difficult to approach it again and to return to the initial reason you do what you do. Passion is something that is there every day but that you can’t always grasp. You might have kite-surfing, others, riding their bike or whatever. You can find passion there, but when you overdo it, it becomes a regular thing and passion flows elsewhere. That’s why spirituality is necessary and books like the one we were talking about are useful to find yourself and to rethink many of these things again and again.

Is your recent change in management related to all of this? Could it be your return to your initial values?

Yes, indeed. Letting your guts lead you. That’s very important, and we sometimes have a tendency to forget what’s really important because we’re so busy in our everyday life. But in the end, there are things in life that push you back to the centre of your values and the more spiritual things.

I guess that with this change you’ll be busier than ever.

Yes, I’ve decided to leave the studio for three months to restructure everything, focus on the office and then return to music, which is my thing.

Speaking of music, although more people than ever follow you know, some criticise you for being too commercial. What do you think of this?

People can think whatever they like. I’m doing things with my heart, as I’ve always done. I’m having the best of times now. I try to do something different to what other people are doing. I bring melody, voices and that’s the direction I wanted to take. Perhaps it’s more popular music, yes, and the events have become bigger, but when something’s comercial it means that people are following it and enjoying it. And that’s my message. The aim every time I play isn’t to prove I’m a music library but to have a good time with the people and I want them to go back home whistling. I feel like I’m doing my own thing. I bring the party alive, nightlife lives off that and that’s my job. I’m now into an 80’s flashback, tracks that I love to edit in real time over house music. That’s why you can listen to so many hits in between, but they’re real time edits and I’m offering a unique product to the market.

Why vagabundos?

After a tour I did in Brazil , everyone used to call me ‘vagabundo ’ because I always ended up super late and all unkempt . Brazilian people found it funny . It really suited the lifestyle we were sometimes leading so we all found it funny .

After your summer in Ibiza, Will you take a Winter rest at the Seychelles?

Yes, it’s a yearly ritual.






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