Monday July 13, 2020


We’re living in a time of communication. A new App comes out every month enabling us to be more connected. Skype, Whatsapp, SMS, Twitter, Facebook… Everything’s possible nowadays, working a thousand miles from your office or sharing any situation with thousands of “friends” through the Internet. You can no longer tell your mum that you didn’t see the call ‘cause she already left a message in your voicemail, she wrote a Whatsapp and she sent you an e-mail… That is, if she hasn’t worked Skype out yet!

Smartphones have become an extension to our own selves. Haven’t you ever gone to the toilet and taken the phone with you to make the most of your time? What about the present moment? How often have you seen a group of friends or a couple staring into their phones during dinner without uttering a word? In the end, you’re connected with everyone, you share your experience with everyone, except with those in front of you. Besides, I truly believe there’s a different energy to focusing on what’s around you. Even in the professional world, great businessmen or great artists can look you in the eye and listen to you without distraction.

Now, you can even interact with the artist when you’re partying and know what tracks they’re playing in real time. Richie Hawtin recently presented Twitter DJ, an App created to monitor the tracks played by the DJ. Be careful not to spend the night looking at your phone and forgetting about dancing!

I think that Internet and mobile phones are terrific tools, really useful for many things, but beware! They can become harmful for the mind, a true malaise of today’s society. I think it won’t be long before we see clinics and therapists specialising in the detox of mobile and Internet addicts. With excessive communication we move from being connected to being engaged.

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    Welcome to the connection economy and the disruption media era.