Tuesday January 18, 2022

IMS Review

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Congratulations to the IMS team for offering a vibrant and inspiring week of conferences and meetings, the opportunity to meet up once again and have a party or two.

This is the type of event that makes me think I chose my profession well and which proves that this is a professional industry with a great future ahead of it. Something that became clear is that EDM is growing exponentially, especially in the US, becoming a driving force for the industry. Las Vegas is increasingly connected with Ibiza; proof of this are the billboards we see on the island for clubs like La Marquee.

A rumour is circulating that artists will no longer be able to spend so much time in Ibiza during the summer as American festivals are starting to pay ludicrous wages. The first example are Swedish House Mafia who have already reduced their gigs on the island due to their gigs in the US. However, I don’t personally think it will ever happen. Ibiza is Ibiza and the magic, history and charm of this island cannot be bought with dollars.

Nile Rodgers’s chat with Pete Tong was probably one of the best moments during the week. His charisma and the stories told by Chic’s co-founder made us laugh more than once, especially when he talked about his adventures with Grace Jones at Studio 54. He certainly had the audience in his pocket, playing chords here and there in between anecdotes. I’m sure that many people seeing Nile’s excellent demeanour at 60 considered, “my future working in this industry could be great”.

Another great creator of disco music alongside Rodgers was indeed Giorgio Moroder, composer for Donna Summer and a winner of 3 Oscars, who was interviewed by Ben Turner. The bar has been set very high for next year.

I think that the topical subject in this type of fair is technological evolution and online marketing. Tatiana Simonian, Director of Twitter Music, and Patrick Walker, Partnership Director at YouTube were the speakers people were most eager to listen to. The end conclusion in my opinion is that if your music’s good and with the help of these tools, your popularity can grow in a few days if you squeeze your brain and you find an idea that is both creative and original. Indeed, all artists are focusing their strategy on the 2.0 world. After all, 95% of young people are already active Facebook users. Specifically to talk about social networks and online strategies, IMS invited many experts on this topic, all of them under the age of 30. As a colleague at Amnesia and close friend, I felt very proud to see Isra García amongst them.

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I took part in the talk IBIZA : THE YEAR OF CHANGE alongside Juan Arenas (Space), Pino Sagliocco (Live Nation), Danny Whittle (Pacha), Yann Pisemen (Ushuaia), Tom Preuss (Artist Alife) and Grego O’Halloran (ResidentAdvisor). I would highlight Pino’s words mentioning Ibiza as the island of music not only DJs. We talked about how Ibiza has become the greatest showcase for brands linked to music, with many recent examples. Blackberry is Amnesia’s main sponsor. Red Bull has carefully planned its presence in Ibiza and will carry out “The Wings’ Day” this year. Pioneer rules the booths of all important clubs. Diesel launched the Diesel Island campaign last year, broadcasting sets from top artists live from Cala de S’Estanyol. Burn is launching Burn Studios, a dj/producers summer camp where the students will fight for a residency spot in Ibiza.

A great week to learn, share, discuss and spend some cool time with people across the industry.

Check out the video of the panel :

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    Recuerdo cuando hablamos de ello en 2011, es increíble ver como llegamos donde queríamos llegar, mejor aún el resultado, muy orgulloso de ti bro.