Monday December 16, 2019

International Music Summit

Captura de pantalla 2012 05 22 a las 10.36.51 AM1 International Music Summit

The International Music Summit is held this week in Ibiza. One of the few events that really helps to professionalize the electronic music industry. I mention this because it’s difficult in Spain to look like you mean business when you work in this sector. We’re lucky the Brits are here to do things the right way and show your mum and your mates at college that this isn’t just about going out partying.

I haven’t missed any of these summits since they started almost five years ago. It was held in Atzaró at the time and from the get-go was a serious and respected event. Somewhere you can learn and meet people who, like me, decide to work in music following their passion. A place to share. Very exciting and highly recommended. The perfect place to make contacts, as this year’s claim clearly states: “Connections Count” …and so does drinking a few bears with good friends in the profession.

My colleague Isra Garcia, online marketing manager at Amnesia and founder of IG,  will take part of the panel Social Media Makers – The New Club 18-30  on Thursday from 6pm. You should´t miss this one!

I’ll be taking part in the conference Ibiza : the year of change, on Thursday at 12:15 in Ibiza Gran Hotel. A panel with well-known people and friends from the island. Ibiza is in constant evolution and still growing, whatever they say. However, there have been many significant changes in the last few years. More daytime parties, more live gigs, elaborate parties, more permissiveness, large brands landing on the island… so, we’ll be talking about this and more and we’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. I look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday12.35-13.25. Ibiza – The Year of Change.

Moderator: Grego O’Halloran (Resident Advisor).

1- Danny Whittle (Pacha, director).

2- Juan Arenas (Space, promoter).

3- Pino Sagliocco (Ibiza 123 / Live Nation ES, promoter).

4- Seth Troxler (Artist).

5- Tom Preuss (Artist A Life / Desolat, manager).

6- Valentino Barrioseta (Amnesia, media).

7- Yann Pissenem (Ushuaia, promoter).

Briefing: Ibiza 2012 has seen a huge change with many Djs launching new

nights. Check the role-call of the attached – should be pretty clear what

this one will turn out like!


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