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Captura de pantalla 2012 10 22 a las 6.56.18 PM 663x436 INTERVIEW WITH RICARDO VILLALOBOS

Ricardo Villalobos is possibly the purest representation of the electronic art. Someone who’s become one of the most respected artists in the world thanks to his music and only his music. Marketing and social networking haven’t really been present in his life. He hasn’t needed them. He lives in Ibiza during the summer, driving a 25-year old Mercedes and still with his Cocoon residency. His latest album Dependent and Happy has just been published by the label Perlon.

 There have been rumours about your health this year. How’re you feeling and what happened?

I had lumbago and couldn’t perform for five weeks. I couldn’t move. Not even with injections. I could barely eat, so I had to cancel several gigs.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah, thanks, I’m much better.

You’ve started a family and have two kids. How do you think this influences your musical career?

It doesn’t influence my music much. My musical passion is still there. However, you need to be organised to have time to produce and perform. You need the support of your wife as life changes for her especially. You also have a need to see your kids and that they see you.

Your latest album on Perlon is called Dependent and Happy. Any reason for this title?

We live in a world where the concept of independence and freedom are paramount. It’s like the goal to be happy. However, it’s really only a way to sell different products to people who want to buy their independence.

I believe that the family structure and friends, dependency lead you to happiness and freedom. I think independence leads to solitude and to having to buy love so you don’t feel alone.

Would you say it’s more important to love what you have rather than having everything you love?

Exactly. People often only want to buy the fantasy of independence and that leads to unhappiness. I think it’s much better to be in a dependency network with your friends, family, etc.

Where does the name of the track Das Leben ist  so Anders ohne dich (Life is so different without you)?

It refers to the changing moments you experience in relationships; when you separate. That’s why the song is so harsh.

 Will Villalobos give in to digital?

No. I think it’s important to protect the entire production chain. From the record manufacturer to the designer or the store. That is our scene. Everyone involved in getting analogue music to the end client are the quality filter, something which doesn’t exist right now.

Besides, I love playing records, I think the musical selection is different.

Do you think genres are merging more than ever?

I think it’s always happened and that’s good for the music. It’s important to bring together all types of dance music.

What was your first Ibiza experience like?

Wow… it was 18 years ago or so. I explored the island by car and I remember starting at Space and then Amnesia, of course. I felt really good in Ibiza, you have to take into account I’m originally from Chile… At the beginning it was more commercial but I also had a really good time with that music.

Don’t you think the island’s becoming a place that is too exclusive? 

No, I think that’s something people always say but I think Ibiza’s always stayed the same. Perhaps it’s become more commercial but I think the essence is still intact.

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  • Isra García

    Nice job.

  • My Nam

    become commercial for cocoon. 

  • gandalf

    every place in europe become commerciale because media shitnetwork and bla bla bla destroy the purest essence  and spirit of ibiza. i talking about this. im ask my self if internet really help true communication ??? i don’t know.  AKEF