Wednesday January 22, 2020


la foto 1 MY ADE 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

ADE is one of the must go events of the season for anyone working in the music business. I had a great week in Amsterdam,  full of inspiring talks, great parties and exciting ideas. These were my personal highlights of the 2012 edition:
1. THE COOKERY by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. Traktor’s manufacturers had a great idea trying to win over the entire industry through their stomachs. They rented out a cookery school located between Dylan and Felix Meritis and they invited several artists to cook for 20 guests, all of it organised in different shifts. Great cooks like François K preparing sushi or Loco Dice cooking some Vietnamese rolls… not bad at all considering they don’t spend much time at home!

2. MEETING RICHIE HAWTIN´S TEAM . The success of everything they do lies in doing things with passion, treating people with respect and love, listening to new proposals. That’s why they form an exceptional team and it’s such a great pleasures to share a night or a project with them. Thanks for trusting in Bridges for Music and turn it into a reality. Every meeting with you guys is inspiring. I can’t wait to see it up and running.

3. SPENDING LOOONG DINNERS WITH BOBBY SIMMS AND SONIA. Nothing better after a long day of meetings than a fabulous dinner, a great wine and a G&T in the best company.

la foto 1 1 MY ADE 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

4. MATT (CEO at Beatport) MODERATING THE CNTRL TOUR PANEL.  He was, without a doubt, the best moderator at the ADE, outstandingly presenting the speakers, drawing people’s attention and not taking things too seriously.
la foto 2 12 e1351248050350 MY ADE 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

5. PATRICK WALKER’S SPEECH . Youtube’s EMEA musical manager proved why Americans are the best at presentations. Two things are clear to me now: a) conventional TV channels should be shaking because of on demand online television, and b) live broadcasts are here to stay. The best example has been Felix Baumgartner’s jump  or, speaking of music, Tomorrow Land followed live by 8 million people.

6. ADE TYPICAL BUZZ. Meetings all over the place, well-known faces, interesting speeches, amazing parties, new ideas… thank you ADE!

7. DOOR 74. Thanks Ben for showing me this secret lounge bar (I bet you won’t find it first time round!) Great cocktails. Warning! You have to book ahead.

8. TAXI FROM SCHIPOL 78 EUR. Let Elliot and Dom talk you into getting a cab and paying 78 euros (between 3). Never again! Especially when you can catch a direct train every 10 minutes for 2.50€.

9. ENTER’S BACKSTAGE. Setting up a bar for the people backstage, two separate areas in the booth (for groupies and hardcore groupies) and having special restrooms for friends was a treat.

10. RUNNING DOWN THE AMSTERDAM CANALS AT 23 DEGREES. Thanks Lord for granting us such great weather and being able to stretch our legs and sweat off everything we’d had.

la foto 3 MY ADE 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

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  • ExHTML

    qué envidia!

  • Coyu

    ¿Y no dices lo mal que te lo pasaste en la Suara? :D

  • Coyu

    ¿Y no dices lo mal que te lo pasaste en la Suara? :D