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It was a real pleasure to meet Seth at the IMS and have a nice and open chat with him. We spoke about life, his summer in Ibiza and some other bits. This is my interview with Seth Troxler for Amnesia Magazine :



How would you expect a Seth Troxler interview to start? This one started with us talking about his recent tweet about immigration policy in the United Kingdom and how due to that tweet he was invited by the Immigration Department to help as an adviser on immigration issues. The interview then led to a pleasant conversation about life, living in the moment and his first experiences in Ibiza.

They had like an Immigration Minister talking about how they were going to put new people in, and I’m there supposedly as an expert on travel and I’m like: I don’t know, this takes too long. They’re mismanaging the people. I see a situation and I like to change it. If there’s something wrong I think: Maybe we can tweet this”, and then it’ll be better.

It must be easy travelling with an American passport.

Some places, it depends. There are some places that hate Americans, deservingly so, so they have made it increasingly harder for us to travel to certain places. But I manage.

I didn’t prepare anything for this interview.

I already like your style.

I heard that your first steps on the island where straight as a DJ.

Yes, it’s a great way to start. I played first for a Cadenza party or something. I’m not sure if I played or I just came to party, and then the next time I walk into DC10 and I’m the resident on the terrace, thinking: “This is quite far out, man!” It was kind of cool though, because when you get into a situation, and I’m quite big on this, I like not to have any expectations or preconceptions. So, if you come into a situation without any expectations or preconceptions, it’s like normal for you, it’s not like I got to DC10 and thought: “Wow! I’m in DC10 and I’ve been coming here for a decade”, all that stuff. I went in and I thought: “Cool, it’s a cool club”

So you like to let things flow.

I like to let things flow. Everything in my life that’s ever fucked up has been from me not letting things flow, and from me idealising things and making some grand kind of idea of how things should be and then it fucks up.

It’s like being a kid again. When we’re kids, things are like that and everything’s happy.

Everything’s so happy because everything’s so new. It’s like: “God, can you believe that butterfly? I’ve never seen anything like that before. This is so amazing!” So, yes, if you look at life like that, it’s cool, it’s easy.


You’ve had great success in the past five years. How do you balance your personal life and your work?

Well, all the friends who are with me have been my friends forever, since I was 15 or 16. So, having your best friends around you all of the time keeps you pretty much down to earth. Any time you start to get a little high in the head, your friends, especially with boys, all you do is make fun of each other. That’s the basis of a good friendship, you know. The meaner I am to you, the closer of a friend you actually are. Not the meaner, but the more you can take the piss, you know all the little things, so that helps a lot. And also, just taking things ‘as is’; you can’t believe in any hype, I think that’s the worst. We’re all the same. Even if you’re cleaning a bathroom toilet or the CEO of a company, we’re all the same people.

You could die tomorrow.

Exactly, you can die tomorrow and what can you say for yourself. Some people were great to everyone, while someone might die with a billion dollars but he was a fucking dick!

DJs have such busy schedules.

Yes, it’s crazy, just trying to find time to be yourself and do nothing, that’s the hard thing to balance.

Do you have a new talent, a new guy that you think: “Hey, this guy, wow!”

The band Footprints, they’re only going to be one of the biggest bands in the next decade!


Yes, we’ve got this album coming out from them, but not just because we’ve got this album coming out from them. I really find them to be my favourite band at the moment, it’s amazing. They do everything, they sound beautiful. They did a record on our label, a track called “Utopia”, and now they have this album coming out for us, they’re just brilliant. They’re brilliant songwriters, I think that’s a big thing right now, to bring back songs.

Telling a story or something.

Telling a story, living in the now, saying something, instead of this bullshit. A lot of music is almost like people doing cocaine: everyone just waiting to talk instead of anyone saying anything at all It’s just bullshit, posturing… Sometimes you can have a conversation like we’re having right now and it’s real.

You’re going to be all summer at DC10 again, so we’d like to know how your relationship with this club started.

It started kind of there. I had met Antonio a few times, they flew out to Italy, they came to see me play. And Elliott, one of the guys who works…Chicho, Don Chicho, Black Star, fat man. I was friends with him, I was playing at Tenax, he was toned up about me, so we slowly started to kick out. I actually have a new tattoo to kick off the grandiose season, to pledge my allegiance to Circo Loco. It’s a kiddy riding a space ship.


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