Sunday July 5, 2020

The Next Thing

The next big thing The Next Thing

In this number of Amnesia Magazine, Ricardo Villalobos told us about being happy by being dependent of one’s surroundings and how the constant search for false fantasies of independence can lead to frustration.

As I see it, we live in a constant search of objectives, of a personal nature and related to work, and we sometimes forget about enjoying the ride or the process to achieve them. No matter how big the objective you set yourself, once you’ve achieve it it’s in the past and you’re already looking ahead to the next one.

This magazine is just like that. We finish one issue and before it hits the streets we’re already working on the next one. Now that the summer’s over, it’s our turn to savour the island for a bit and start thinking about our next thing…

We wish you a wonderful end of season, full of new motivations for the coming winter.


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