Sunday July 5, 2020


Captura de pantalla 2012 09 03 a las 11.37.03 PM 663x400 TOO MUCH EGO WILL KILL YOUR TALENT

Such a true statement. I think I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it on a friend’s wall on the Internet. It seems like the word EGO is quite fashionable. In fact, we heard it quite a few times at IMS. The artists’ ego, the managers’ ego, the industry’s ego..

Perhaps people are starting to understand how their mind works? It has a direct  relationship with great ideas and creativity. How often have you been unable to see what’s right in front of you for feeding your ego without noticing? You’ve surely been close to a great idea at some point that has vanished once your Ego has diverted your attention to things or projects that feed it.

The music industry is full of it, becoming an idol to the masses is the perfect food for it, as are superficial moments. However, you can also find fantastic people who’ve already been there and have personally grown from it. Music must serve as inspiration and make you wish to continue evolving as a person. It makes us feel and that’s the first reason most of us listen to it. As Seth Troxler told us in his interview, we’re all one and the same, regardless of what we do in life or the money in our bank account. We could die tomorrow. So enjoy your summer, in simple fashion.


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  • Isra García

    The line that separates ego and conviction and confidence is so thin.