Wednesday January 22, 2020

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Bridges for Music // Skrillex, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Black Coffee: Many stories, one journey

This is a teaser of a full documentary produced by non-profit organization Bridges For Music tracking the progress of initiatives, that have been carried out in the townships of South Africa with Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano.

It aims to reflect how the visit of these three key music figures has brought discussion, ideas and motivation to these communities.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the real values of music and the opportunities the music industry has to create positive change and leave a legacy while developing in new territories.

Film by : Eldon Van Aswegen

Music: Enhamin by Damascvs

Interview with Jean Nouvel


I catch up with Jean Nouvel in Ibiza. He has been coming to the island quite often lately to supervise and direct his project in the Ibiza Marina. It is a pleasure to share some minutes with one of the best architects in the world, someone who makes the interview really easy and interesting. Check [...]


Interview with Richie Hawtin


I met Rich 8 years ago. I was running Barraca club in Valencia and had booked him to play his first gig there. Since then, our paths have crossed each other every here and there. He’s one of the biggest electronic artists worldwide but, moreover, he’s a great person with many stories to tell and [...]