Tuesday January 18, 2022

Social Responsibility (in music)

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After 12 years working in the music industry I decided to put my energy and network towards projects that could leave a positive impact. I believe electronic music can be a great tool to create positive change in the world and that the music industry at his whole has a great opportunity and responsibility to take action. 

Related works: Bridges for Music

Brand/music advisor

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I put together my knowledge of the music industry and my understanding of marketing to help develop brands, connecting people and ideas to achieve their goals. Ive shared my experiences and ideas at ADE, IMS, MICS, Burn Studios… 

Related works: Red Bull Experience in Ibiza, Pioneer sponsorship of Amnesia, Blackberry sponsorship of Amnesia, MTV partnership at Amnesia, Amnesia Ibiza brand advisor, Barraca Club brand advisor, Ford Love Factory project advisor, Red Bull Music Academy workshop.

Music management


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Breathing music for my entire life and living the music business from many different angles has led me to a deep understanding of the industry. Whether in helping artists to build their profile and make the right decisions or joining a project to help it succeed, I love to be part of the process, sharing my expertise and contacts and bringing all my energy on board. 

Related works: Artistic Director for Barraca club (Spain), Artistic Director of the Electronic tent at Viña Rock festival (Spain), Communications Manager for ElectroSplash festival (Spain), Founder and Director of the label and artists’ agency Barraca Music, Manager for Edu Imbernon & Squire (aka Jaime Alguersuari).

Editorial management

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After two editorial projects I have the know-how and count with the team to face any editorial challenge.

Related works: Co-founder and Director of Lamilk magazine, Director of Amnesia Magazine


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After many years negotiating with brands for different events and artists, I can manage the sponsoring of any kind of project, providing my contacts and expertise in negotiating with brands.

Related works: Sponsorship Management for Amnesia Ibiza, Viña Rock Festival and Snowbeats Festival.